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Sky Sailing™, Inc
31930 Highway 79
Warner Springs, California 92086

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Inquiries about Soaring, Sailplane and Glider rides (760) 782-0404 We do not use an answering machine, we prefer to talk directly to you! We are in the Back Country, and sometimes our phones go down.


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Please add, "Airport", in the subject line and what ever else you want. We get over 100 SPAMs everyday (down from 800, so this is working!). We apologize and enjoy your email, but we wish we could hook up spamers to the tow plane without benefit of the glider!! If all else fails; call us. We always try to get back ASAP to our customers emails!!

I apologize for any inconvenience, Bret.

31930 Highway 79, Warner Springs, CA, 92086
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